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To learn more about how to start employment with Liberia Laundromat please read the following information below:

8690 Liberia Ave.
Manassas, VA 20110
(703) 200 - 2700


Laundromat Job Manassas VA - Liberia Laundromat

Position Summary

Laundromat attendant will be responsible for dealing with customers and maintaining the cleanliness of the store.

Call - 703-200-2700 if interested.


Position Responsibilities

• Greet all customers that enter the store

• Wash and fold clothes for the Wash N' Fold service.

• Responsible for the overall cleanliness of the store

• Sweep floors as needed throughout the day

• Mop at least once a day, as needed throughout the day

• Check and empty trash cans regularly

• Check supplies in Vending machines

• Clean glass throughout the store

• Wipe down laundry machines

• Clean dryer lint trays once a day

• Clean washing machines soap containers once a day

• Clean bathrooms 

• Teach customers how to use the machines and give them advice on how to do their laundry better

• Handle customer complaints

• Report any and all issues to the Laundromat Manager/Owner


Qualification requirements

• Must be able to communicate fluently in English and Spanish (read and speak)

• Cheerful, bubbly, service-oriented, and energetic personality

• Experience in customer service• Able to performs the skills of their specific position

• Must be reliable, get to work on time and seldom call in

• No education requirement



1) Do you speak English and Spanish fluently?

2) What is your availability to work throughout the week? 

3) If chosen for a position, how soon would you be available to start?

4) How do you feel about cleaning for 8 hours?

5) How do you feel about customer service?

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